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Graduation Initiative 2025
Graduation Initiative 2025

Graduation Initiative 2025 is the California State University’s ambitious initiative to increase graduation rates for all CSU students while eliminating opportunity and achievement gaps. Through this initiative the CSU will ensure that all students have the opportunity to graduate in a timely manner according to their personal goals, positively impacting their future and producing the graduates needed to power California and the nation. ​

To achie​ve this the CSU is addressing:​​​​

Ab​out the Initiative

Graduation Initiative 2025 is a different way of thinking and acting. At every campus and at the Chancellor's Office, the CSU will encourage innovation; remove barriers that impede student success; and become more strategic in how we serve students.

Leading with Data

Data-driven decision making is at the heart of the Graduation Initiative 2025. To that end, the CSU has created innovative resources for high schools, community colleges and faith-based groups to learn more about their students and how ready they really are for college.

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Closing the Achievement Gap

The CSU educates the most ethnically, economically and academically diverse student body in the nation, and Graduation Initiative 2025 will help ensure that equity gaps between underserved students and their peers are closed.

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​A Mission of Student Success

Across 23 campuses, our extraordinary faculty and staff work every day to ensure our students excel, while millions of CSU alumni demonstrate their profound impact on California, the nation, and the world.​

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