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Rebecca Glazier
Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

CSU Channel Islands

B.A. Liberal Studies, Concentration in International Relations (2004)
  • Designed a smartphone app called React Labs Educate with a colleague from UC Davis and University of Maryland that allows students to comment and interact in real time during presidential debates. The data is then sent back to the professors, which allows for a unique method of teaching political science students and for greater participation and interaction.
  • Won the Best Paper Award for "Satire and Efficacy in the Political Science Classroom" at the American Political Science Association 2011 Conference. The paper was centered on a project in which she tested methods of using political satire to teach students and proved that students became more engaged in political activities when satirical cartoons and other satirical methods were used.
  • Recently published her article "Divine Direction: How Providential Religious Beliefs Shape Foreign Policy Attitudes" in the journal Foreign Policy Analysis.
  • Chosen for the Faculty Exchange Program to teach and research at Karl-Franz University in Graz, Austria in 2011.

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