Dominique Braud
Dominque Braud
Post-Production Co-Producer, The Simpsons, 20th Century Fox Television

CSU Dominguez Hills

BA, Interdisciplinary Studies (1997)

  • Braud has been with The Simpsons for 25 years. Renewed for a 30th season, The Simpsons is the longest-running scripted primetime television series in history.
  • As co-producer of The Simpsons, Braud works in-studio with a small team, mixing and balancing audio levels, music, sound effects and dialogue with the final animation.
  • Appointed to production coordinator in 1994, Braud started working directly with the voice actors of The Simpsons. She eventually became post-production supervisor in charge of the show’s video effects until she was promoted to co-producer, handling the final mix of the show.
  • She began her career with The Simpsons while attending CSU Dominguez Hills, as an assistant to the producers. She quickly moved up from production assistant to post-production coordinator.
  • Currently, Braud is also an executive producer on a new animated series, “Oh my God…Yes!”

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