Robert Goodwin
Robert Goodwin
Co-Owner/Co-Founder & COO, Stone & Compass Foundation

CSU Dominguez Hills
B.A., Anthropology (2007)

  • In 2019, Goodwin was appointed to executive director for Global Outreach for the Foundation for the Support of the UN at the United Nations.
  • Stone & Compass (S&C) has been chosen as the representative project for the United Nation's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals project, which features 17 goals to improve the lives of people everywhere. All profits from the retreat center are used to expand S&C and fund projects that help non-governmental organizations around the world.
  • In May 2016, Goodwin and his wife opened the doors to the S&C Balkan Ecotourism and Cultural Retreat, a tranquil destination for travelers, artists, families, educators and students interested in the environment, cultural and eco-tours, studying and helping local communities.
  • At CSUDH, Goodwin worked on projects with the Cambodian community in Long Beach, California, on archeology projects and was in charge of many local preservation projects for the state.
  • While pursuing his undergraduate degree in archeology and anthropology, Goodwin became a valued teacher in Inside the Outdoors, a specialized education program, eventually winning the APPLE Teacher of the Year award for the entire state of California in 2005.

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