Elliott Powell
Elliott Powell
8th Grade U.S. History/English Language Arts Teacher, San Marcos Middle School

CSU San Marcos

Middle Level Credential, Middle Level Teaching Certification (2014)
  • After a career in the Navy, Powell chose second career as middle school teacher to help make difference in young students’ lives.
  • His commitment to education evident throughout his Navy career. As director of Situation Room, ensured that his senior officers had the opportunity to earn master’s degrees.
  • First African-American director of the White House Situation Room, overseeing the 24/7 operation of the President’s Operations Center and participating in over 50 presidential trips on Air Force One as National Security Advisory’s representative from 1999 to 2001 during Clinton and Bush presidencies.
  • Commanded four warships over course of 26-year Navy career, successfully leading them through a multitude of training exercises, operational readiness inspections and Battle Group Operations all over the world.
  • During Operation Desert Storm, commanded USS Leader (MSO 490) that destroyed 16 mines in the Northern Persian Gulf. During Operation Sharp Guard, conducted embargo operations off the coast of Bosnia while in command of USS Robert G. Bradley (FFG-49).

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