Geof Syphers
Geof Syphers
Chief Executive Officer, Sonoma Clean Power

Sonoma State

B.S. Physics and Astronomy (1993)
  • Syphers set out a vision of affordable zero-carbon energy for all purposes, with a goal of electrifying all transportation in a generation. Industry leader and expert in renewable energy education, he promotes renewable energy as a tool to reduce the use of climate-harming sources of energy.
  • Has been involved with Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) since its inception in 2013. Instrumental in the design, planning and implementation of Sonoma Clean Power before it was an entity and has been key to assembling the entire organization focused on providing renewable energy to their ratepayers.
  • Sonoma Clean Power launched as the second community choice aggregation program in California. Sonoma Clean Power is a public agency providing a cleaner power alternative in Sonoma County and is directly accountable to it and its cities.
  • Over 20 years’ experience as an energy consultant to utilities, public agencies and private companies in California. His work has spanned micro grid design, zero-carbon community design and energy efficiency program implementation. Geof is extensively involved with statewide lobbying efforts for clean power generation.
  • Under Syphers' leadership, Sonoma Clean Power has implemented programs designed to encourage electric car ownership and smart electric car charging stations. In tandem these will allow SCP to more effectively manage power generation and storage, thus creating a much smarter power grid.

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