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CSU Monterey Bay: Student Life

Student Profile

Total undergraduates:2,499 men, 4,158 women, 6,657 total
Full-time undergraduates:2,305 men, 3,866 women, 6,171 total
Part-time undergraduates:194 men, 292 women, 486 total
Total graduate students:138 men, 307 women, 445 total
Full-time graduate students:85 men, 213 women, 298 total
Part-time graduate students:53 men, 94 women, 147 total
Average age of full-time undergraduates:22
Percent of full-time U.S. undergraduates from out of state:2%
First-year student enrollment breakdown:
  • 0.4% American Indian or Alaskan Native 
  • 5.8% Asian, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 12.5% Black or African American, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 38.7% Hispanic/Latino 
  • 1.4% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic/Latino
  • 30.0% White, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 6.6% Two or more races non-Hispanic/Latino
  • 3.4% Nonresident Alien 
  • 1.2% Race and/or Ethnicity unknown
Degree seeking undergraduate student breakdown:
  • 0.9% American Indian or Alaskan Native 
  • 5.8% Asian, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 7.4% Black or African American, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 36.1% Hispanic/Latino 
  • 1.0% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic/Latino
  • 33.6% White, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 7.2% Two or more races non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 4.1% Nonresident Alien 
  • 4.0% Race and/or Ethnicity unknown

Campus Environment

City or town school is located in:Seaside, CA
Population of city/town:34,095
Nearest major city:San Francisco
Distance of nearest major city:95 miles
Population of nearest major city:837,442
Online campus map:

Living on Campus

Institution offers housing:yes
Campus housing available to all unmarried students regardless of year:yes
Housing types (% in housing type, if given):
  • coed dorms
  • single-student apartments
  • married-student apartments
  • special housing for disabled students
  • special housing for international students
  • other housing including Theme, wellness, and substance-free housing.
Percent of freshmen who live in school housing:84%
Percent of students who live in school housing:46%
Percent of students who live off campus:54%
Student conduct policies:class attendance policies set by individual instructors
Alcohol is permitted on campus to students of legal age:no

Study Facilities

Every student is required to lease or own a computer:no
Every student is required to take a computer course:yes
Total number of microcomputers available to students:737
Internet access provided to all students:yes
E-mail services/accounts provided to all students:yes
School has a library on campus:yes
Additional library facilities/collections:Archives.

Assistance Services

Remedial learning services:writing, math, Languages, Technical Tools/Computers.
Additional services offered:health service, day care
Counseling services:minority student, veteran student, older student, birth control, career, personal, academic, psychological
Career placement services:internships, career/job search classes, interest inventory, on-campus job interviews, resumé assistance
Services for students with disabilities:note-taking services, reader services, interpreters for hearing-impaired, special transportation, adaptive equipment, braille services
Amount of campus that is accessible to physically handicapped:90%

Social Activities

Number of social fraternities on campus:3
Percent of men who join fraternities:3%
Number of social sororities on campus:3
Percent of women who join sororities:4%
Student activities:student government, student newspaper, radio station
School newspaper(s):Otter Realm, published once every two weeks
Total number of registered organizations:35


Athletic director:Kirby Garry
School mascot:Otters
Sports offeredScholarships?Athletic Assoc.
Men's baseballno​​ 
Men's basketballno 
Men's cross-countryno 
Men's golfno 
Men's soccerno 
Women's basketballno 
Women's cross-countryno 
Women's golfno 
Women's soccerno 
Women's softballno 
Women's volleyballno 
Women's water polono 

Getting Away

Public transportation serves campus:yes
Nearest international airport:San Jos​é , CA (60 miles)
Nearest other airport:Monterey, CA (10 miles)
Nearest passenger train service:Salinas, CA (20 miles)
Nearest passenger bus service:Monterey, CA (10 miles)

After Graduation

Percent of graduates who enter job market in field related to major:61% within six months of graduation, 82% within one year of graduation, 93% within two years of graduation
List of firms that most ​frequently hire graduates:Boys & Girls Clubs, Central Intelligence Agency, CSU Monterey Bay, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Farmers Insurance Group, Fastnal, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Hertz, HSBC, Hyatt Hotels, Lithia Motors, Mervyn's, Monterey Herald, Nissan, Pacific Capital Ban Corp., Peace Corps, Pebble Beach Resorts, Pittney Bowes, Radio Shack, Rite Aid, State of California, UPS, US Customs and Border Patrol, Wells Fargo.

Additional Information

College isn't just an education it's an experience. And all the things that happen outside the classroom are as important as what happens inside it. How you spend your free time. What you eat. Where you sleep. Getting from point A to point B.

Cal State Monterey Bay has its own vibe: it's outdoorsy, energetic, adventurous, caring and connected. It's a small yet very diverse community. Some folks are more athletic, some are more artistic, some both, and we all get along really well.

And we're all making the most out of life!