Research and Community Impact

CSU students are encouraged to apply the knowledge gained in the ​classroom to find solutions to real-world problems through involvement in applied research and service-learning. Under the guidance of world renowned faculty who are experts in their fields, students develop leadership skills while benefiting their communities.

Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities

CSU research, scholarship and creative activity contributes to the intellectual and creative vibrancy of campus life while offering solutions to California’s most pressing needs. As a high-impact practice, these activities are critical to fulfilling the CSU’s mission of fostering student success, faculty excellence and public impact.

​Local Government

2018-19 Hi​​g​hli​​​ghts

  • ​​The CSU received nearly $676 million in external funding, an increase of $28 million from the prior year.
  • Three campuses—Long Beach, Northridge and San Francisco—received $54 million in Building ​Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) grants, enabling faculty to continue supporting historically underrepresented students pursuing careers in biomedical research.
  • Ten multi-campus affinity groups focus on topics including agriculture, biotechnology, desert, ​coast and ocean, human health, social sciences and water.
  • Faculty scholarship benefits students, particularly as faculty weave their research into curricula ​and include students in the process. From 2014-2019, CSU faculty have authored 38,000 journal publications, the majority of which included student coauthors.

Stay up-to-date on new research developments at: calstate.edu/impact-of-the-csu/research

Community Engagement

The establishment of the CSU Center for Community Engagement (CCE) in 1998—the first of its kind in the nation—has paved the way for many firsts, including the institutionalization of service-learning across all 23 CSU campuses and the establishment of California’s Call to Service Initiative. Today, CCE actively advances the CSU’s commitment to inclusivity, equity and student success through high-quality community programs and scholarship.

In 2018-19​​:

  • Centers for Community Engagement and Service-Learning, in partnership ​with 1,400 CSU faculty and 6,000 community organizations, made available more than 3,100 service-learning courses.
  • More than 67,000 CSU students—14% of the total student population—​contributed 1.1 million hours of service to their communities through service-learning.

Graduate ​​​Studies​

  • In fall 2019, the CSU enrolled 51,763 postbaccalaureate/graduate students.
  • 19,545 master’s degrees were awarded in 2018-19
  • Doctor of Audiology, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Nursing, ​Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Physical Therapy programs serve more than 2,226 doctoral students from diverse backgrounds, preparing them for top leadership roles. ​