Partnerships & Initiatives

Collaborating with leading partners enables the CSU to have an even greater impact in preparing skilled teachers to educate California's next generations.

Math & Science Teacher Initiative

The CSU, the state’s largest producer of math and science teachers, committed to double its annual production of credentialed teachers in math and science.

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CSU Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership (CSU-MTEP)

A community for CSU mathematics and mathematics education faculty and PK-12 educators.

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Advancing the Next Generation of Science Standards

A partnership with Chevron has enabled CSU to be a national leader in preparing teachers for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

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Expository Reading and Writing Course

For a decade, the CSU has been a national leader in advancing college readiness in English/Language Arts (E/LA). 

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Linked Learning

With support from the James Irvine Foundation, the CSU leads the state in preparing teachers skilled in Linked Learning, which blends academics with career-technical education and internships.

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California New Generation of Educators Initiative

The CSU has undertaken the New Generation of Educators Initiative (NGEI), a model of clinically based teacher preparation, with support from the S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation.

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Transitional Kindergarten

State legislation enabled children to be admitted to kindergarten before their fifth birthday and established this program for this new group of young learners.

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Better Together: California Teachers Summit

The "Better Together: California Teachers Summit" is a free, annual statewide event for teachers held on nearly all CSU campuses on the last Friday in July.

Bilingual Authorization

Holders of Bilingual Authorization allow them to provide instruction to English Learners (EL). Learn today how to earn your Bilingual Authorization in different languages provided throughout the CSU campuses.

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Computer Science Supplementary Authorization

Supplementary Authorization in Computer Science, Introductory or Specific, allows the holder to add it to his or her teaching credential and to teach computer science subject matter in K-12 classrooms. Learn today how to earn your Supplementary Authorization in Computer Science throughout the CSU campuses.