If you are a first-time freshman, upper-division transfer student or an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) student applying to the CSU and you are a California resident for tuition purposes, CSU-eligible and have not been admitted to any CSU to which you applied, there is the chance that the campus(es) you applied to don’t have the capacity to admit more students.

If this happens, you will be redirected to an alternate CSU campus. This is called redirection.

Applications who have been accepted to at least one CSU campus will not be redirected.

Redirection occurs after all campuses report their admission decisions for a given semester to Cal State Apply. For spring admission, this will be after November 1.

Eligible applicants who have not been admitted to any CSU campus(es) to which they applied because of a lack of capacity are then identified. Each student will then be contacted by email; the email will include instructions. When you receive the email, you will need to go to Cal State Apply and in the Supporting Information section under Redirection ​​select a first- and a second-choice campus. Available alternate campuses are based on campus capacity.

After you have identified a first- and a second-choice campus, your application to the CSU will be redirected to your first-choice campus unless​ that campus has run out of capacity. To ensure your application is redirected to your first-choice campus, respond to the email as quickly as possible.

You will be sent a notification by email confirming the redirection.

The campus you’ve been redirected to will appear in your Cal State Apply account on the “Check Status” page. You will next be contacted by the redirected campus about the next steps in the process. Read the FAQ​ to find answers to common questions.


​Spring 2021 Redirection Campuses​

*Cal State San Bernardino accepts eligible redirection applicants except for the following impacted majors which are NOT OPEN: Criminal Justice (all options), Nursing (general), Kinesiology (pre-physical therapy), Psychology, Social Work (pre-social work)

*Cal State Dominguez Hills accepts eligible redirection applicants except for the following majors which are NOT OPEN: Child Development, Clinical Science, Health Science, Human Services, Kinesiology, and Nursing.

*Cal Maritime ONLY has the following majors available for redirected applicants: Business Administration - International Business and Logistics and Business Administration - Global Studies and Maritime Affairs

*Cal State San Marcos will ONLY accept upper-division transfer and Associate Degree for Transfer Students in the following majors: Chemistry, Economics, Global Studies, History, Human Development, Kinesiology, Literature and Writing, Music, Physics, and Software Enginee​ring.

Use our Campus Match tool to learn more about CSU campuses and compare them. Eligible applicants to the CSU can select a first- and a second-choice campus from the list below:

Channel Islands
East Bay
San Francisco