Comparison Institution Rates

CSU annually surveys certain public institutions to compare resident student fee rates. For the past several years, CSU's fee levels have been among the lowest of the comparative institutions.

Academic Year - Resident Undergraduate Student Tuition and Fees


2017-182018-19Increase% Change
​University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)$14,880$15,730$8505.7%
Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ)$14,638$14,974$3372.3%
Illinois State University (Normal, IL)$14,061$14,516$4563.2%
Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)$13,864$14,266​​
George Mason University (Fairfax, VA)$11,924$12,462$5384.5%
University of Maryland, Baltimore County$11,518$11,778$2602.3%
​​Comparison Average $11,233 $11,569 $336 3.0%
University of Colorado at Denver$11,258$11,395$1371.2%
Georgia State University at Atlanta$10,858$10,858$00.0%
Arizona State University at Tempe$10,792$10,822$300.3%
Cleveland State University$9,636$10,387$7517.8%
University of Texas at Arlington$9,538$10,082$5445.7%
State University of New York at Albany$9,550$9,816$2662.8%
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee$9,565$9,588$230.2%
North Carolina State University$9,058$9,101$430.5%
University of Nevada at Reno
​​California State University $7,218 $7,303$85​1.2%

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