The CSU’S retention and disposition schedules offer guidance to campuses in specific areas for each type of record.

These schedules are not to be altered except to add specific guidance regarding the retention and disposition of unique, campus-specific records/information.

Area of FocusFilesLast Revised
Personnel/Payroll .x​ls | .p​df 5/15/2019
.xls | .pdf 9/06/2019
Environmental Health & Safety
.xls | .pdf 2/26/2020
Student Records .xls | .pdf 12/19/2019
Facilities .xls | .pdf 10/17/2019
University Police .xls | .pdf 1/03/2020
University Advancement .xls | .pdf 6/17/2019​
Academic Personnel .xls | .pdf 8/26/2019​
Curriculum & Accreditation .xls | .pdf 6/19/2019​
Research & Sponsored Programs .xls​ |.pdf 7/23/2019​​
Institutional Records .xls | .pdf 9/10/2019

As additional schedules or updates become available, they will be posted on this site.