​ Project
CAPP Leadership Network ​The CAPP Leadership Network ​provides a structure, processes, and professional space to support ongoing leadership development for current and aspiring educational leaders. Targeting both administrators and teachers, the network would provide opportunities to explore social justice and equity issues related to education.

Guided Pathways Alignment Project​

The Guided Pathways Alignment Project (GPAP) is funds partnerships between community colleges and public secondary schools to explore linkages and relationships between the guided pathways being offered by the community college and the high school, enhance transition courses, and assist in the implementation of AB705. The outcome of the GPAP is a sustainable partnership that supports Guided Pathways at the Community College with linkages at the high school and successful implementation of AB705.
CAPP Families​​

CAPP Families were developed as a way of past CAPP projects staying connected with CAPP at the end of a grant cycle. CAPP Families enables projects to stay connected with the work the work they have begun under the CAPP grant, and have access to various CAPP activities and resources.

CAPP Families are asked to adhere to the legislative intent of CAPP and to have a focus on excellence, equity, and access for all student populations as they continue the work that was started under a CAPP grant.

The following schools have opted to become part of CAPP Families: