Invest in the future

The California State University is committed to educating skills-ready graduates for our state, providing fair compensation to our world-class faculty and staff, and fulfilling our mission of access and opportunity for every qualified student in California.

Our commitment to creating a bright California future requires sufficient, predictable and sustained investment from the state.

What We Need

The 2019-20 Operating Budget request builds on the recent successes of the California State University, while also allowing the system to aggressively pursue ways to reach our goals for student success.

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Why It's Important

The CSU stands ready to meet California’s workforce needs. To succeed, we need additional on-going state funding to increase tenure-track faculty and student-support services, expand courses, and welcome qualified California students.

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What You Can Do

Contact your state representatives. Help them understand that an investment in the CSU is a forward-thinking investment in our shared priorities and a prosperous future for California.

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CSU Budget Statements​


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