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We survey teachers and their employers to keep campuses in touch with current needs. We conduct evaluations to help programs learn and improve.


The EdQ Center helps CSU educator preparation programs stay connected with the current needs and perceptions of three critical constituencies. We survey:

  • Program Completers to capture their perceptions of preparation, and to measure their confidence in career placement and success.
  • Year One Teachers to learn about their placement, experience, and perceptions of the extent to which their preparation readied them to enter the education profession.
  • Employers of Year One Teachers, to understand their perceptions of the skills and abilities of graduates relative to current needs.

These surveys have high levels of validity for assessing elementary, secondary and special education programs, and include credential-specific questions to assess the effectiveness of specific programs.


EdQ evaluation services support campuses and programs with specific needs to monitor progress, collect data, and generate insights and lessons that can improve practice. Our evaluatiors can help program leaders collect and report timely information to meet the unique requirements of their respective funders.


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