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CSU Northridge marine biologist Dr. Kerry Nickols will soon board a ship with 80 women from 27 different countries and embark on an expedition to Antarctica to explore how they can work together to battle climate change.


​John Swenson, former San Francisco State graduate student and 2016-17 COAST Graduate Student Research Awardee, and his advisor Dr. Karen Crow recently published their work on manta rays and the origin of their cephalic lobes. These frontal lobes are used for feeding and helping manta rays more efficiently hoover up tiny plankton as they flap their way through the open ocean. 


COAST has partnered with the UC Davis Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute (CMSI) to create the new CMSI-COAST Scholars program that supports CSU Master’s students engaged in ocean and coastal management issues. Scholars will participate in activities designed to help them develop use-inspired research questions and build their communication and professional skills. Stipend plus travel expenses provided. Applications from interested graduate students are due January 14, 2019.

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