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​Together, the California State University Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology (COAST) and California Sea Grant, have awarded $1.1 million to support sea-level rise research through COAST’s State Science Information Needs Program (SSINP). Three awards will support 11 researchers and over 20 students at six different CSU campuses. More information may be found in our press release; projects summaries can be found under COAST’s Past Faculty Awards webpage.

​Photo credit: California King Tides Project


​Congrat​ulations to CSU Northridge's Dr. Nyssa Silbiger for her NSF CAREER award! Dr. Silbiger's research into how ocean acidification and warming impact intertidal habitats will be invaluable to Southern California's coast and inform any decisions about it's future.​


In an episode of Accidental Geographer, Dr. Amanda Kahn from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (SJSU) speaks about the role of ocean sponges in climate change. One of the most important roles of sponges is creating a bridge between the microbial carbon loop. 

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