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​As climate change increases the temperature of oceans, Dr. Chris Lowe, CSU Long Beach, has researched the​​ effects of temperature change in juvenile white shark habitats. According to Dr. Lowe, there is a northerly shift in nursery habitat use because water temperatures within their preferred temperature range are becoming harder to find. ​


We are offering 10 PAID internship positions this summer at state and federal agencies and non-profit organizations. Each internship has a different focus ranging from invasive species dynamics to fisheries policy and management. Internships are full-time positions over the summer, and each provides a $6,000 stipend. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, March 2, 2021, 5:00 pm PST​​.


​Dr. Brent Hughes, Sonoma State, and Dr. Kathy Boyer, San Francisco State, are co-authoring a study researching how the reintroduction of sea otters into eelgrass habitats can help eelgrass recovery.  According to Dr. Hughes, after sea otters were reintroduced at the Elkhorn Slough in Monterey Bay​, the sea hare population increased due to a balance of the food web, which helped the eelgrass grow and recover.​

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