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​Dr. Dave Ebert, Program Director for the Pacific Shark Research Center and a research faculty member at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, and his student Vicky Vásquez named a new lanternshark species this month. The Marsha’s lanternshark (Etmopterus marshae) is from the Philippines and sports splendid green eyes and a slim, dark body that allows it to blend into the inky surroundings in the deep sea. 

In recent years Morro Bay’s iconic eelgrass beds experienced a massive die-off of more than 90% since 2007. Cal Poly SLO's Drs. Jennifer O'Leary and Ryan Walter are exploring the causes of this collapse and helping inform efforts to restore eelgrass in the bay by highlighting areas where restoration efforts could be successful.

California State University, Northridge marine biologist Peter Edmunds and a team of researchers have taken a step forward in understanding why some coral reef populations recover from catastrophic events. Edmunds and his colleagues have found that density dependence — a scientific concept usually associated with understanding how the population sizes of animals and plants are controlled — can be applied to coral reef communities.

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