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Council on Ocean Affairs, Science & Technology

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Romberg Tiburon Center
San Francisco State University's Romberg Tiburon Center recently received a $2.9 million Research Traineeship Grant from NSF to offer a new interdisciplinary master’s program in marine and estuarine science. The program will prepare students for careers in urban coastal communities, solving problems such as climate change, ocean acidification, sea level rise, introduced and invasive species and coastal development.
Cal Poly SLO Pier
Cal Poly SLO researchers Dr. Ryan Walter and Dr. Dean Wendt utilize the Cal Poly Pier to deploy instruments, study ocean condtiions and involve students in their research. Their project partners include SCCOOS and CeNCOOS.
Dr. Sean Place of Sonoma State University received an NSF grant to study how climate change might affect species living in extreme cold environments. The molecular biologist is specifically studying how temperature affects fish that have evolved in sub-zero waters over millions of years.


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