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Estuaries provide many ecologically important functions including providing nurseries for many species, carbon sequestration, and protection from threats such as sea-level rise. Funded by the California Ocean Protection Council, Humboldt State and California Sea Grant researchers implemented a bay-wide eelgrass monitoring program in Humboldt bay to better understand estuaries. 


​​​Complete removal of an offshore oil rig could cause harm​ to marine life and their environment. However, according to Cal Poly Pomona professor Dr. Jeremy Claisse​, "approximately 90% biomass and production are retained through partial removal." Topics, such as oil rig decommissioning methods, are discussed among scientists and the public at various forums. ​​


​Estuaries are dramatically changing environments that experience "very strong gradients in temperature, salinity" and "all of the physical parameters that are much stronger than you see in the open ocean.”​ To gain insight into how oysters cope in this environment, San Diego State researchers, Dr. Luke Miller, and graduate student Gabriella Kalbach​, deploy oysters with magnetic sensors to measure biological behavior. ​

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