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​CSU Fullerton Professor, Dr. Misty Paig-Tran, discovered how different filter-feeding manta rays and whale sharks eat at the same place and time but have different diets. According to her findings, "by adjusting their swimming speed and the width of their mouths or gill slits, the fish can catch their preferred food by manipulating the water flowing through their gullets."​


​CSU Long Beach graduate students Patrick Rex and Emily Spurgeon​ study the behavior of sharks near humans along the coastline with Dr. Chris Lowe, Shark Lab Director​. The footage reveals that the interactions are 'passive' and shows that sharks and humans can co-exsit peacefully as long as people leave them alone. 


​California Sea Grant has announced funding for several new research projects that aims to restore California's kelp forests. Many of these projects are led by CSU scientists including Dr. Matt Edwards (San Diego State University), Dr. Mackenzie Zippay, Dr. Brent Hughes, Dr. Sean Place (Sonoma State University), Dr. Michael Graham, Dr. Scott Hamilton (San Jose State University – Moss Landing Marine Laboratories) and Dr. Alison Haupt (CSU Monterey Bay)​. ​

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