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​Researchers Dr. Benjamin Hagedorn and Dr. Matt Becker of Cal State Long Beach and Dr. Danielle Bram of Cal State Northridge will be studying how rising sea levels could exacerbate fresh groundwater pollution. Mapping tools will be created from their findings which will help identify which low-income communities in California are most at risk for polluted groundwater.  ​


​The populations of Pismo clams are declining at Pismo and Grover Beaches due to environmental conditions. A team of students and researchers led by Dr. Ben Ruttenberg, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo​, are working to restore the clam populations while involving the community in the process. Marissa Bills, a graduate student on this project and one of this year's COAST Graduate Research Awardees, is studying the growth rates of the clams!​


​Like switching to sunglasses on a bright day, some coral can swap in algae that are more tolerant of warmer temperatures. Dr. Cheryl Logan​, CSU Monterey Bay Associate Professor​, and colleagues have developed a model to predict how these corals might survive warmer waters as climate change continues. 

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