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We are pleased to announce the list of COAST Student Internships for Summer 2017. These are great, PAID opportunities for continuing CSU undergraduate and graduate students. We have a broad array of opportunities in biology, engineering, computer science, and policy. The deadline for applications is Monday, March 6, 2017, 5:00 pm PST. Please contact COAST Staff with any questions.
A new study from Dr. Scott Hamilton of Moss Landing Marine Labs and Dr. Cheryl Logan of CSU Monterey Bay examines how ocean acidification may negatively affect juvenile rockfish. Certain species of rockfish displayed different behavioral changes or physiology under future ocean chemistry conditions suggesting that fish communities inhabiting rocky reefs and kelp beds may change. Since juvenile rockfish serve as prey for many marine species, this potential change could also affect marine food webs.
Melissa Voisinet, a recent Cal Poly graduate and Professor Lars Tomanek are hoping to understand how the cyclical sea-to-land transition of elephant seals influences their physiology using a proteomics approach. Proteomics is a method of analyzing proteins to determine how organisms respond to different environmental stressors. Voisinet and Tomanek are looking at the physiology of elephant seal pups during their post-weaning fast when the adult females return to sea and the pups must learn how to eat and swim on their own.
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