2020 Virtual Annual Meeting Lightning Talks

​During our 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting, COAST hosted a series of lightning talks. Lighting talks were five minutes in length and were pre-recorded. ​​Speakers were present to answer questions during live Q&A following the talks.​​ ​

Recording of lightning talks​

​Start TIme

​1:05 pm

​​​Hassan Tavakol
​​San Diego
​​Compound inundation impacts of coastal climate change: sea-level rise, groundwater rise, and storms 
​1:13 pm​

​Kiki Patsch and Phil King

​San Francisco
​Beach Sustainability Assessment
​​1:21 pm​

​Buddhika Madurapperuma​
​​Survey coastal dune habitats in northern Humboldt Bay using sUAV
​1:29 pm​

​Emmons McKinney
​​Student in Dr. Jeff Marshall's lab
​Coseismic Uplift and Coastal Emergence at Cape Kidnappers Along the Southern Hikurangi Margin, North Island, New Zealand 
​1:37 pm

​Gabriela Diaz 
​San José
​Student​ in Dr. Carlie Pietsch's lab
​​The effect of submarine volcanism on marine microorganism communities
​1:45 pm​

​Maya deVries
​San José
​Are urchin mouths bigger than their stomach? Resource abundance and environmental effects on urchin feeding ​
​1:53 pm​

​Emalee Ousley
​Student in Dr. Lani​​Gleason​'s lab
​​Investigating the Relationship Between the Gut Microbiome and Host Thermal Tolerance in the Economically Important Red Abalone, Haliotis rufescens
​2:01 pm

​Lani Gleason​
​​Transcriptome-wide Gene and Protein Expression Differences in the Intertidal Mussel Mytilus californianus Exposed to Field and Lab Treatments
​2:09 pm​

​Philip Heller
​​San José
​P​oriferal Vision: Classifying benthic sponge spicules to assess historical impacts of marine climate change​
​2:17 pm​

​Darcy Taniguchi​
​San Marcos​​
​​Classifying coastal unicellular plankton using machine learning
​2:25 pm​

​Tim Davidson​
​​Introduced mangroves escape damage from marine and terrestrial enemies​​
​​2:33 pm​

​Amy Fetters​
​Student in Dr. Rae McNeish's lab
​Riverine litter: anthropogenic structures impact the distribution of anthropogenic litter and microplastic abundance in an intermittent river​
​2:41 pm

​Heather Liwanag​
​​San Luis Obispo
​Studying the northern elephant seals of the Central Coast: Connecting local research to the broader community
​2:49 pm

​Kate Riordan
​San Luis Obispo
​Student in Dr. Heather Liwanag's lab​
​The morphology and thermal function of sea otter pelts across ontogeny
​2:57 pm​

​Charlene McCord
​Dominguez Hills
​Hagfish locomotion
​3:05 pm​

​Diego Sustaita​
​​San Marcos​
​Two shakes of a mouse's tail: swimming kinematics of salt marsh harvest mice
​3:13 pm​

​Kelsey Woldt
San Marcos​​
Student in Dr. Diego Sustaita's lab​
The Morphology and Climbing Performance of the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, Western Harvest Mouse, and House Mouse​
​3:21 pm​​
​Lydia Stroupe​
​San Marcos​
​​Student in Dr. Diego Sustaita's lab
​Ecological interactions among the salt marsh harvest mouse and co-occurring species​